Now Accepting Applications for Applicant Pool Only for the future position of Professional Driver.


We are looking to establish an applicant pool for the future position of Professional Driver.  The position requires driving company vehicle(s) as a chauffeur, shuttle, or taxi driver for the purpose of transporting clients.  Responsibilities include meeting clients on time, driving them to their desired destinations, providing additional concierge services, ensuring the client is comfortable, ensuring the client has their requested amenities, and ensuring that the vehicle remains in pristine condition at all times.  Additional duties may also include assisting clients with loading and unloading personal belongings, and operating doors and seats to assist them in and out of the vehicle.  Adhering to the client's itinerary with strict punctuality will be the primary focus and ultimate priority, second only to passenger safety.  Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an application to be added to the applicant pool only.  The pool of potential hires will be contacted for screening and selection for future interviews, and when an opening is available we will reach out to the most qualified.  The position may be only part time and seasonal.  There is no current opening, this is merely to establish a pool of interested persons at this time.  DO NOT APPLY if you are unable to work nights, weekends, or holidays as this is a must for a position in this industry. 


You Should Apply to the Applicant Pool If You:

-Possess a Valid Maryland Driver's License

-Have a Clean Driving Record

-Can Pass a Criminal Background Check

-Can Pass a Drug Test

-Own a Mobile Phone w/ GPS

-Are Available Most Nights, Weekends, and Holidays


If Conditionally Selected, You Will Need To:

-Apply for and obtain the Passenger for Hire (PFH) license through Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC)

-Submit complete driving history from Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and other states where licenses were previously held

-Submit fingerprints for criminal background check

-Pass a Drug Test

-Work Most Weekends (Nights) and Some Holidays


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Oakland, MD 21550